Important Information | Postponement of Cinderella, Southam 2018

Many of you will know now that we were unable to put on our little panto because of the loss of our lead star and Cinderella herself, Jess.

Those of you that knew her will know the type of person that Jess was – she was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside – she was a loving daughter, sister, grand daughter, friend, colleague, student, parishioner, villager, thespian, volunteer, example RAF cadet (sarge), babysitter and role model.

Jess was no ordinary 19 year old and we said goodbye to Jess’s physical form 26th January at her standing room only, ram-packed and incredibly respectful funeral. Jess won’t let us forget her and we were so pleased to hear from her again last week, informing us ever so clearly of her wishes in relation to the money we had been raising through this Panto.

One standout thing that Jess did was make a plan for all the cool and wonderful things that she wanted to do in the coming year and under the sub heading of ‘Fundraising/Charity’ Jess has written James Hopkins Trust (Cinderella) and Acorns (Cheltenham Half Marathon).

How many 19 year old's write this in to their plans?
How many 19 year old’s would have Fundraising in their plans? That’s beautiful right there.


Jess has made it very clear indeed what we must do with the funds we have raised, through you. I am delighted to tell you that the vast majority of you whom had bought a ticket have requested that we donate that money. Regardless of whether or not we are able to put on the performance – we are humbled by your generosity.

We have therefore been able to donate £500 to the James Hopkins Trust, and it doesn’t stop there. Additionally we had put some collection tins in the village hall and The Beehive Pub in Prestbury – they called us to ask for another, because it was full – and they think they’ll fill the next one! The Beehive allowed us to use their pub to rehearse, for FREE – please please go and have a pint and a game of pool or skittles there to support them. There’s more! Villager Kerrie works for a local company, Foster and Freeman of Evesham, who each year offer donations to good causes nominated by their employees – they have donated £1,000 to the James Hopkins Trust in the name of Jess.

We visited the James Hopkins Trust last week, with Anita, Jess’s mum – herself a supporter to others, to deliver over £1,600. Sarah, fundraising manager gave us a tour, guys, we’ve done a good thing here – thank you so much.

The James Hopkins Trust help others in order to help others. Let me explain – they provide respite for the families of children who require unimaginable levels of care. People like you and I, who need a break, who need a little help sometimes. At the same time, the kids get to have a sleepover, spend time with amazing people, other kids and in an environment where every nook, cranny, toy, instrument, sound, light, vibration, breeze and texture has a purpose – to give a child the very best time they can have.

James Hopkins Trust Towel Toy Art
Due to the risk of infection The James Hopkins Trust are unable to put soft toys on the kids beds – so they learned to make them from towels, via YouTube.

The James Hopkins Trust will have a child one night per month for a sleepover, giving their parents a chance to go to the cinema, a restaurant, a panto or just put their feet up. It costs £600 for one child for one night – we have been able to provide over two and half nights, thanks to you and the wishes of Jess.

I am sure Sarah, Head of Fundraising at the James Hopkins Trust would love to hear from you, if you would like to help out further – you can contact them here.

We thought you should know what we have done with your money, yes we would have raised more through the bar, snacks, the programme and the raffle, but thanks to the support of others, we’ve been able to go over and above.

Finally, we have even been able to keep a little back to fund the children’s club in our very own village.

So, if you thought all you did was buy a ticket to an AmDram pantomime to watch some villagers make fools of themselves, think again – it was way bigger.

Thank you, from us and from Jess.

SouthAM DRAMatics Group

Further updates will be posted here.

—end update 5 Feb 2018—

Post dated: 2 Jan 2018

It is with great sadness and regret, due to the untimely passing of a leading member of the cast, we are postponing until further notice, our 2018 Pantomime performance of Cinderella – 5th, 6th, 7th and 13th January.

We are still supporting our chosen charity The James Hopkins Trust.

We will in due course provide further information.

If you have any questions about the pantomime you can email us at

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

We have released an additional performance for the Southam Panto – Cinderella:


Saturday 13 Jan 2018 Starting at 6.30pm SOLD OUT


Friday 5 Jan 2018 starting at 6.30pm SOLD OUT


Saturday 6 Jan 2018 starting at 6pm SOLD OUT


Sunday 7 Jan 2018 Starting at 4.30pm SOLD OUT



Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the show start time – there is a fully licensed bar to keep you entertained when the cast aren’t.

If you would like to purchase tickets for different performances, you will need to make separate bookings.