We have a cast and crew of all ages, a true community endeavour – the youngest is 4.

We were really pleased following Jack and Bean Stalk last year to not only retain most of the original cast, but also add some new members to our ranks.

It’s not just the actors that bring this to life, there is a crew of hidden people without which there would be no script, lighting, sound, open curtain, props, scenery, costumes, makeup, direction or prompts for when the actors forget their lines.

There are also some secret people, who wish to remain anonymous, whom have donated funds to allow us to rehearse at the village hall or bought refreshments for us to sell during the interval.

Many of the actors are children, whom each have parents that must bring them to rehearsals and wait whilst enduring the excruciation of witnessing, over and over, the actors trying to learn their lines.

To learn more about the cast you’ll be able to purchase a programme on the night – all proceeds to charity.

If you would be interested in taking part or helping out in our next production, please email at